the Concept

First in the world, our solution would allow passengers to see everything around and below the aircraft - be it cities, other aircraft or just an amazing view. Aircraft windows provide a limited view and not everybody gets a window seat. Our jointly developed solution would allow everybody onboard to see up to 360° view outside the aircraft, regardless of where you are seated, without any obstacles and on your own device. 

How does it work? Through our advanced technology and onboard Wi-Fi, we seamlessly stream live video feeds from exterior view aircraft cameras. The result? A mesmerizing up to 360 °  view that allows you to explore your surroundings. Just connect the smartphone, table or laptop to onboard Wifi, open the app and enjoy amazing view.

Designed to revolutionize the way you experience outside view while flying.

We have the concept and now are looking for the partner to jointly develop the solution and launch it.


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